In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the choices of investors who prefer Türkiye among the many options in the global world. What attracts some investors to Türkiye could be the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment or residence permit programs obtained by purchasing property in Türkiye. Others might choose this country for its excellent climate conditions and the possibilities of a secure lifestyle. For some, it could be the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, like owning a seaside villa or apartment in Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean. After exploring the map of Türkiye from end to end, you can discover many cities that appeal to you.

So, which city should you decide on?

While seeking an answer to this question, we will discuss the top five cities to live in Türkiye: Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Antalya, and the jewel of Antalya, Alanya!

Istanbul: Where History Meets Modernity 

Istanbul, one of the world’s largest cities, possesses a unique level of development. Being the country’s largest city, having the most populous population, its distinctive location, and hosting numerous nations and cultures are just a few factors that make Istanbul what it is, deeply rooted in history.

Istanbul is renowned as one of the most beautiful cities globally, boasting an extraordinary number of historical monuments. The city is overflowing with a rich history that could be narrated for hours at every step.

With an official population of 16 million, reaching 25 million during peak tourism times, Istanbul covers an area of 5461 km², resembling a conglomerate of merged cities. Historical neighborhoods coexist harmoniously with ultra-modern areas in this vast city.

What makes Istanbul unique is its location on two continents and its coastlines along both the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Despite its vast size, Istanbul has effectively addressed public transportation issues, facilitating daily movement through buses, metro buses, subways, trams, sea buses, and ferries.

Istanbul is an ideal city for culture, business, education, and a comfortable life. You can find real estate in Istanbul suitable for every taste and budget. However, Istanbul is more suitable for those who appreciate the hustle and bustle of city life, crowds, long commutes, and an environment that includes people from various nations. If you don’t enjoy the crowds and the rush of city life, Istanbul may not be the ideal city for you. To be honest, you either love this city for a lifetime or not at all.

Izmir: Türkiye’s Second Largest Port 

For foreigners visiting Türkiye for the first time, Izmir is often perceived as a holiday destination similar to Antalya. For them, Izmir is a holiday resort, much like Antalya, Alanya, or Bodrum, subject to mass tourism. However, Izmir, washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea, is located in the far west of Türkiye and is rightfully referred to as the country’s most beautiful city. It is also one of the country’s most industrially powerful cities, with a population exceeding 2 million, providing an idea of the city’s size.

Türkiye’s second-largest port is located in Izmir, following Istanbul. This port provides significant employment opportunities and facilitates the establishment of new businesses in the city. The presence of a sea port, airport, well-developed road, and railway communication in a city makes it one of the country’s most important transportation hubs, securing the region’s future industrial development.

Izmir’s climate can be described as a temperate Mediterranean climate. The average temperature in January does not drop below +7 degrees. Rare incidents like frost in winter are extremely unusual. Events like snow and frost are as rare as winter rains and high humidity. On average, about 10 rainy days occur in January.

Compared to Antalya, summer in Izmir is cooler. Days with temperatures above 35 degrees are rare. High summer temperatures are cooled by the sea breeze coming from the north. Starting in May, Izmir opens the beach season, offering an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and healing properties of the sea throughout the year.

Mersin: The Developing City of the Mediterranean 

Mersin, with its advanced economy and city infrastructure, has the country’s third-largest port after Istanbul and Izmir. This city, which has the longest natural beaches in Türkiye, offers tremendous opportunities.

Mersin provides an ideal living space for families with children. In addition to many state schools and hospitals, Mersin has two large state universities: Mersin University and Tarsus University. There are also many sports clubs and children’s activity centers.

Mersin is a vast city that offers significant opportunities for investors. It is suitable for those who want to buy real estate for both permanent residence and investment purposes, either for rental income or resale. Mersin has long been a popular city on the Mediterranean among local and foreign investors. One significant reason for this is the absence of an international airport in the city.

Mersin is an ideal settlement for those who love the sea, prefer large cities, seek new job opportunities, and need a pleasant climate throughout the year. The beach season in Mersin starts in mid-April and ends at the end of October.

Real estate in Mersin may be more affordable compared to Antalya, but there are many high-quality projects available. Explore the most attractive offers now.

Antalya: The City of Unique Beauties 

Antalya, one of Türkiye’s most prominent cities, is like a piece of paradise for many. You can fall in love with this city at first sight and forever. Investments made in this city add value solely because of the name Antalya. It’s essential for investors to know that Antalya is an ideal city to live in. Antalya is vibrant year-round, independent of the summer season.

With its fantastic climate, tropical vegetation, endless beaches, warm sea, and deep-rooted history, Antalya is a unique city. Living in Antalya, surrounded by the sea, is like having a life in a five-star hotel.

Take action now to buy an apartment in Antalya!

Alanya: Investing in the Future

In the last few years, Türkiye’s real estate market has experienced significant growth in both quantity and quality. The government has implemented programs that have substantially increased foreign investments in the country’s construction sector.

In terms of population growth rate and construction volumes, Alanya, in recent years, has become a mega-district surpassing the city of Antalya to which it is attached. Discussions have even taken place recently about granting independent city status to Alanya. If Alanya’s city status is elevated, it could receive more funds from the state treasury. In this case, official practices in the city could also undergo changes. For example, the situation of neighborhoods closed to the residence of foreigners could be revised. Moreover, new state institutions linked to city status would emerge, and housing production volumes in the construction sector would increase. All these factors inevitably lead to an increase in real estate prices.

Beyond the investment opportunity, buying an apartment in Alanya means moving from a noisy metropolis to a tropical paradise surrounded by the Mediterranean sea.