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1+1 Apartment For Sale in Alanya Avsallar 416 - Antalya Development


1+1 Apartment For Sale in Alanya Avsallar

Ref. No: AEP-416
Apartments For sale in Alanya Antalya 412 - Antalya Development

From: 3.056.910₺

Apartments For sale in Alanya Antalya

Ref. No: MR-411
1+1, 2+1 Apartments for Sale in Alanya Avsallar 410 - Antalya Development

From: 5.522.160₺

1+1, 2+1 Apartments for Sale in Alanya Avsallar

Ref. No: SLR-410
Alanya Avsallar Flats for Sale From Project 409 - Antalya Development

From: 5.522.160₺

Alanya Avsallar Flats for Sale From Project

Ref. No: DNM-409
Antalya Alanya Flats For Sale Suitable For Residence Permit 408 - Antalya Development

From: 4.305.970₺

Antalya Alanya Flats For Sale Suitable For Resi...

Ref. No: MCL-408

Where is Alanya located? 

Alanya is one of the tourist cities of Antalya, which is 132 km from Antalya in southern Turkey.

Located on the Gulf of Antalya, on the Anatolian coastal plain of Pamphylia, between the Taurus Mountains to the north and the Mediterranean Sea, Alanya District is bordered by Manavgat District and Gündoğmuş Mountain Region.

Tourism in Alanya and its most beautiful sights

 Beaches of Alanya Cleopatra Coast: This is a very beautiful coast, with golden sand and blue water.

Alanya is most famous for its sandy beaches on the Gold Coast, crowded with a vast Northern European clientele from June to August. 

In fact, the high cliff of the peninsula is home to an ancient citadel quarter, the solid and well-preserved stone rampart. 

At the port, there are other historical remains that survive, standing above a bay. Here are the most important sights in Alanya. 

  • Alanya Castle. 
  • The port of Alanya. Cleopatra's Beach. 
  • The Dim Cave. The monuments of Side. 
  • Köprülü Canyon. Sapadere Canyon. 
  • The ruins of the old town of Syedra.
  •  The Anemurium Amphitheatre.

Mall Markets: 

Alanya Alanium It is a small 3-storey shopping mall that provides all the essential needs.

 Time Center: It is larger than the Alanium shopping centre, and consists of two floors, containing shops selling clothing, perfumes, and accessories, as well as a supermarket and restaurants that provide fast food. 

Mega Mall: This is a large commercial market located on the road between Alanya and Antalya, containing everything families need, and houses local and international brands of electrical and electronic home appliances.


The infrastructure is well developed in Alanya, thanks to its importance as a favorite destination for tourists. So, there are all the complete services, such as transportation, parks, shopping malls, medical centers, and universities. 

Education in Alanya, Turkey: 

There is the public university "Alanya Alaeddin Keykubat", established in 2015, which provides higher education in its eight faculties, business, engineering, medicine, education, tourism, sports, health and dentistry, in addition to three faculties (Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences). 

There are also several public and private schools covering all levels of education.

Health sector in Alanya, Antalya

 There are public hospitals in Alanya and a good number of private hospitals such as (Medical Park – Alanya Life) and health centres that provide high-quality treatment services with professional medical cadres. 

This city is famous for medical tourism preferred by foreigners. 

What are the benefits of living in Alanya?

 Life in Alanya is special, as it is a favourite oasis for European tourists to spend holidays and live in after being fascinated by its natural beauty and historical monuments. Today, official figures indicate that nearly 33 thousand foreign nationals reside in Alanya, from 80 different countries.

Why should I buy a property in Alanya?

You will notice that Alanya Real Estate offers you a wide range of real estate in general and apartments, in particular, suitable for all tastes and requirements. 

Here are some advantages of buying an apartment in Alanya: 

The reasonable prices and wide range of real estate on display in the real estate market. The cost of living is relatively cheap compared to other major cities like Istanbul, while this cost is much cheaper compared to the world's famous tourist destinations.

 The possibility of obtaining a real estate residence easily, in addition to Turkish citizenship against the purchase of a property.

 By buying an apartment in Alanya and investing in real estate, it gives you a very high rental income.

Indeed, it is well known that real estate in Alanya is experiencing considerable growth and a vast offer. Therefore, the buyer must complete their goal before navigating this sea of real estate. Antalya Development, will assist you find the right property for your needs and budget.