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Whether you own a single unit or an entire building, let us manage your property while you reap the rewards.

Antalya Development has emerged as one of the top Turkish real estate providing foreign buyers with modern investment properties for sale in Antalya

Property management in Antalya is a crucial aspect of the Antalya  real estate. It involves the administration, operation, and oversight of residential, commercial, or industrial properties for sale in Antalya on behalf of the property owners.  

With the increasing popularity of real estate investment in Antalya, property management has become an essential service for investors to ensure the profitability and sustainability of their new properties in Antalya.

Properties in Antalya: A Lucrative Investment

Antalya real estate investment allows individuals to generate passive income and build long-term wealth. However, managing these investments can be challenging, especially for those who need more time, ability, or resources to manage the day-to-day operations of their properties. This is where property management services come into play.

By hiring a professional property management company in Antalya, investors can entrust the management of their properties to experienced professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize returns and minimize risks.

Antalya Development can supply comprehensive services such as tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, financial reporting, and legal compliance to ensure investors' assets are well-managed and profitable. Regarding property management in Antalya, it is essential to choose a company with extensive knowledge and experience in the local market. The unique characteristics of Antalya's real estate market require a deep understanding of local regulations, rental trends, and tenant preferences.

Antalya Development's Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Antalya Development, with a proven history in Antalya, can offer valuable insights and advice to investors, enabling them to make informed decisions about their properties in Antalya.

Additionally, Antalya Development can effectively market vacant units, attract reliable tenants, and negotiate favourable lease terms on behalf of the property owners. In conclusion, property management plays a crucial role in the success of real estate investments.

As more investors turn to the lucrative market of Antalya, property management services are becoming increasingly important. Hiring Antalya Development with the ability in Antalya's real estate market can help investors maximize their returns and ensure the long-term profitability of their investments.

With the right property management team, investors can enjoy the benefits of real estate investment without the hassle of day-to-day property management tasks

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Why Choose Antalya Development?

We've been finding perfect homes for our clients for over 16 years since 2007, sellers can relax in the knowledge that their property investment is in safe hands, while buyers can be sure of finding their dream home.


Better Occupancy Rate

With an occupancy rate averaging 90%, we attract only high-quality tenants for your property.


Higher Rentals

On average, our managed properties yield 6.14% higher compared to non-managed residential units leased.*


Trusted Name

Your property, our priority. For over 16 years since 2007, we’ve been part of the real estate landscape across the Turkey.


Quality Service

We take pride in our dedicated property managers and a wide network of vetted contractors as partners.


Unparalled Accountability

You are guaranteed regular and accurate reports sent every quarter or as required wherever you are.


Happy Tenants

Well-managed properties mean happy tenants who stay longer, reducing vacant periods between tenancies.

Building Management

Diverse Team

Our dedicated team is made up of over 50 members, managing a range of commercial and residential units. Our clients include banks, corporate and financial institutions.

Latest Technology

We are equipped with the functionality needed to manage single assets or larger portfolios, offering best-in-class technology, including Yardi, Salesforce, and Easy Inspection.

End-To-End Service

From marketing to tenant management and accounting to reporting, we manage all aspects of your property to ensure it is firing on all cylinders and maximizing your revenue.

Best Returns

We maximise the potential of your property and minimise the hassles and risks for you, guaranteeing total confidence and ensuring the best returns for your asset.


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