Anyone who wants to buy an apartment in Turkey is driven by the desire to live near the sea and have the beach within walking distance of the house. Perhaps the best seafront apartments in Turkey are in Antalya. You can buy real estate in Turkey in other regions, but few places have 300 sunny days a year and a beach season from April to November, as in the Antalya region.

Antalya is famous for its Blue Flag beaches. This is the highest award for a coastal leisure and swimming destination. To obtain the Blue Flag, it is necessary to meet several very strict requirements related to the cleanliness of the water and the coastal zone. Safety and landscaping, the availability of infrastructure and the convenience of movement to the beach. The Blue Flag is the gold standard for beaches.

Let’s talk about some of the beaches in the Antalya region that we consider to be the best.

Lara Beach

This is the most famous beach not only in Antalya but also in the entire Turkish Riviera. The length of the beach is 10 km. It is located along a long sand spit. Along Lara Beach, there are famous thirty 5* hotels in the Kundu area.

There are many municipal beaches, barbecue areas, and even a museum of sand sculptures.

On the beach, you can find areas for every taste and budget – free, paid, private club beaches and hotel beaches.

Most of the beach has a fine pebble surface, there are also sandy areas. There is a city bus to the beach and along the entire beach. The city center can be reached in 35-40 minutes. The proximity to Lara Beach increases the value of the property very much. Buying an apartment in Antalya near Lara Beach is the dream of many investors.


Konyaalti Beach

This is another attraction in Antalya that has been awarded the Blue Flag. The length of the beach is 7 km. From the west, the beach is picturesquely framed by mountains, which create new unforgettable landscapes every day. The beach is directly adjacent to the Old Town. Its proximity to Antalya city center makes it mega popular. The park area along the beach is replete with many cafes, restaurants, and children’s sports grounds. The Konyaalti promenade is the most beautiful in the city.

Kaputaş Beach

The beach is located near Kaş and it is famous for its water of an extraordinary turquoise color. Photos of this beach are often used in advertising brochures in Turkey. Once on this beach, you get the impression that you are in the Caribbean. It is the most beautiful beach in Turkey. The beach is free, but there is a fee for the use of umbrellas and sunbeds. When you want to buy a property in Turkey, consider this place as well.

Olympos Beach

Next to Olympos Beach is Çıralı Beach. To get to the beach, you will need to walk through the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. The beach is very clean, with a gentle entrance to the water, small pebbles, and picturesque views of the mountains. There are several small cafes here. You won’t have much fun on the beach. The main reason why people come here is the fabulously beautiful sea and mountains. As a rule, there are not many people here. This is because it is located quite far from the main transport routes, and there are no large hotels nearby.

Cleopatra Beach

This is the hallmark of Alanya. Cleopatra Beach is the most famous and most visited beach in Alanya. All conditions for a perfect vacation have been created here. There are many areas for active recreation and relaxation, water attractions, cafes, and restaurants. A distinctive feature of this beach is the white sand. Just for the sake of swimming in Cleopatra, people come to Alanya from all over the world. It is only 2 km from the center of Alanya to the beach and is easily accessible from any part of the city.

Patara Beach (Kas)

An amazingly beautiful white sand beach. Sea turtles like to nest here. Next to the beach are the ruins of Patara. After a walk through the open-air museum, you will be happy to plunge into the crystal-clear seawater. There is an entrance fee to this beach, but the amount of services you will get on this beach will more than compensate for your costs. You can still buy a house in Turkey near the beach near Patara. Once you make this decision, you will never regret it.

Mermerli Beach

A very small, very beautiful beach, which is next to the Old Town in Antalya. The beach is equipped with rocks and an artificial pier. There are very few places here, and the entrance fee is paid, but this is such a colourful place that it is very difficult to find a free place during the season. Of the popular beaches in Antalya, this is the smallest. Many visitors to the beach like to dive here.

Phaselis Beach

It is located in Kemer and is divided into three bays. The northern, ancient, and southern bays of the beach border the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis. As you have already noticed. Antalya’s best beaches are often bordered by the ruins of ancient cities. This is logical – cities were built in those places. Where it is convenient to get by sea.

In total, there are more than 200 Blue Flag beaches in the Antalya province. The presence of so many beaches actively contributes to the development of tourism in the region.

Housing in Antalya is steadily increasing in value due to its proximity to such stunning beaches and the fantastic Mediterranean climate that the sea and mountains create. And of course, thanks to the very high quality of construction. Many investors prefer to buy an apartment in Alanya, as they consider this city to be the best on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Citizenship by investment is an additional incentive to buy apartments in Alanya. More than 5,000 people have already received Turkish citizenship by investment and almost 10,000 citizenship cases are under consideration by state authorities.

When buying an apartment worth $200,000 or more, foreign investors can obtain a residence permit in Turkey by investing in real estate.

Antalya Development is ready to offer you a huge selection of apartments in modern residential complexes near the most famous beaches of Analia. Many residential complexes located some distance from the beaches, in areas such as Altıntaş, for example, have their beaches on Lara and a free shuttle service from the house to the beach.

You can find out how much an apartment in Turkey near the beach costs on our website, or by contacting our specialists at our company.

For those who are still hesitant to buy an apartment in Istanbul or Antalya. We would like to remind you that there is not a single beach suitable for swimming in Istanbul itself. You’ll have to go out of town, which is quite a long time considering the size of Istanbul.