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9+1 Villa For Sale in Belek Kadriye 456 - Antalya Development


9+1 Villa For Sale in Belek Kadriye

Ref. No: BKDSV-456
4+1 Villa For Sale Belek Antalya 444 - Antalya Development


4+1 Villa For Sale Belek Antalya

Ref. No: BKV-444
Luxurious 4+1 villa for sale in Belek Antalya 367 - Antalya Development


Luxurious 4+1 villa for sale in Belek Antalya

Ref. No: LVFSIB-367
3+1 Villa for sale In Kadriye Antalya 358 - Antalya Development


3+1 Villa for sale In Kadriye Antalya

Ref. No: VFS-358
4+1 Villa For Sale in Kadriye 330 - Antalya Development


4+1 Villa For Sale in Kadriye

Ref. No: OKV-330

Serik is one of the important tourist areas on the Mediterranean Sea in the city of Antalya, with a population of 124,335. This area has seen many ancient civilizations. In fact, the tourism sector is most important in Serik District, especially in the summer, during the peak tourist season. 

Located 30 km east of Antalya, Serik is bordered by Aksu District to the west, Manavgat District to the east, Bukak District of Burdur and Suçler District of Isparta to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Characteristics of Serik 

The climate of Serik is Mediterranean, dry and hot in summer, mild and rainy in winter. One of the most important tourist sites in Serik is the coastal area of Belek, which enjoys global and local tourist importance, of which contemporary tourist facilities, luxurious resorts and golf courses are the most famous. In addition, Belek has 50 5-star hotels, frequented by 3 million tourists every year. 

In addition, Bogazkent, located on Belek Beach, enjoys a large influx of tourists, since this area contains holiday homes and various tourist facilities.

 In Serik, there are many internationally renowned sights, such as the historic amphitheater of Aspendos and the ancient city of Sillyon. 

Serik also includes a wide range of historical and tourist sites, such as Zeytin Tas Cave, located in Akbaş Village and Ucansu Waterfalls, located in Akcepinar Village, which is one of the natural wonders of Antalya, in addition to currents passing through this area, such as Köprüçay and Aksu Stream.


The Turkish government is still working to develop public transport networks and increase transport lines, to meet the constant growth and development of the city. So, Serik is connected to other parts of the city by various public transport lines, such as bus line GAN01/SA19/AA01. In addition to the international D400 road, the artery that runs through the heart of Serik, which facilitates the influx of means of transport and speeds up traffic in the city.

 On the other hand, Serik is about 30 km away from Antalya International Airport. It is a strategic location, close to all services and amenities.

Schools and universities 

Serik includes various types of educational facilities and teaching centers, schools, universities, such as Akdeniz University, which occupies a major position in the local and international ranking. This university includes 46 faculties and colleges, in addition to higher and technical institutes and 50 research centers


Serik district of Antalya has a cluster of modern health centers, such as the Serik Government Hospital, which provides various medical services, and has highly qualified medical staff.

Tourist sites and recreational facilities 

The tourist attractions in Serik, Antalya are varied and suit the tastes of tourists from all over the world, including:

  • Land of Legends
  • Town Center Entertainment
  • The Archaeological Amphitheatre of Aspendos
  • Zeytin Tas Cave
  • Ucansu Falls
  • The Old Town of Sillyon 
  • The Kayak Tour Center in Belek
  • Golf courses

Why should i buy a property in Serik ?

Antalya Development offers special offers of properties within chic residences for those who want to acquire a property in Antalya, with family surfaces and high-end finishes.

 In addition, one can buy an apartment with a view of the Mediterranean Sea through different payment methods, suitable for Turkish citizenship.