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Apartment Near Seaside in Antalya 490 - Antalya Development

From: 8.020.280₺

Apartment Near Seaside in Antalya

Ref. No: PE-490
2+1 Apartment for Sale in Güzeloba Antalya 475 - Antalya Development


2+1 Apartment for Sale in Güzeloba Antalya

Ref. No: EBD-475
4+2 Apartment for Sale Muratpasa Antalya 468 - Antalya Development


4+2 Apartment for Sale Muratpasa Antalya

Ref. No: ND-468
2+1 Apartment for Sale Muratpasa Antalya 467 - Antalya Development


2+1 Apartment for Sale Muratpasa Antalya

Ref. No: ND-467

Muratpasa is located in the centre of the charming city of Antalya, 5 km from the sea and 16 km from Antalya International Airport. It is a distinguished and family-friendly tourist area, considered the most famous and important area in Antalya, known for its restaurants and cafes with beautiful views, especially at night. 

Infrastructure in Muratpasa

 Universities & Schools 

In Muratpasa district, there is the private Antalya Bilim University, founded in 2010, where one can study dentistry and engineering in English, which gives a great opportunity to foreigners.

Also, there is Akdeniz University: 

Founded in the city centre of Antalya in 1982, Akdeniz University has successfully pursued the mission of making education and scientific production at a universal level, contributing to the transformation of knowledge into technology, meeting the needs of society in the fields of knowledge, technology, art and culture for 35 years.

Muratpasa Hospitals & Health Centers 

is characterized by the presence of integrated health services, where there are public hospitals that operate 24 hours a day, the most famous of which is the Atatürk Hospital. In addition to several private hospitals such as Anatolia Hospital, and several health centres that provide cosmetic services, dental treatments, and hair transplants. There is also Antalya Hospital, which specializes in oral health.

Markets & Shopping Malls in Muratpasa.

Muratpasa has several shopping malls that attract tourists and cater to their shopping needs, such as Mall of Antalya in which they find all kinds of clothes, children's clothing, shoes, perfumes, jewellery, and famous and international brands, especially in the huge "Terra City" shopping mall located near the Muratpasa Municipality building.

Most Beautiful and Important Sights in Muratpasa.

Lara Beach

 The charming beach of Lara is considered a favourite destination by tourists, in high demand during the summer season, to spend the most beautiful moments swimming and stretching under the sun, or practising water sports, cycling and hiking in the green areas. Lara Beach is characterized by warm and golden sand and wins the ranking of the international Blue Banner beaches for the year 2020.

Kaliçi Old Town 

It is one of the most important tourist areas visited by tourists in the eastern part of the famous Muratpasa area, to breathe in the scent of history made by successive civilizations that have made the city a destination that fascinates visitors, especially since Antalya is one of the oldest inhabited cities, but the most wonderful activity in the old city,  It is to walk through its streets, where tourists feel like they have entered the tunnel of time, towers and a mosque, in addition to about 356 houses classified as architectural examples. 

Duden Waterfalls 

Visited by tourists in all seasons, and endowed with a charming beauty that attracts visitors throughout the year, they are located 10 km from the centre of Antalya and overlook the Mediterranean. When visiting these falls, tourists like to climb the stairs to visit the cave located in the heart of the waterfalls, which is a fantastic nature reserve.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Muratpasa Antalya

 In addition, buying an apartment suitable for investment in Muratpasa is suitable for those who want to obtain Turkish citizenship, as its price exceeds $400,000. It is a real estate paradise in the heart of the magical city, of Antalya.

Is real estate investment in Muratpasa profitable? 

Real estate investment in the Muratpasa area is distinguished, as it is a lively neighbourhood that includes a lot of shopping malls, commercial offices, schools, law firms, clinics, and medical complexes for medical tourism and many other elements and real estate attraction sites. In addition to the availability of natural and cultural sites, tourists, are preferred by tourists.