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Belek is considered an attractive tourist paradise on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, which becomes, in March every year, a favourite tourist destination for holidays, and leisure, where there are different sports activities, fantastic sunshine and various sporting events such as surfing, water skiing, diving and others. In addition, Belek is an oasis for golfers and golf lovers, which benefits from high-quality services and advanced infrastructure.

Location of Belek 

Belek in Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast, 30 km from the eastern part of Antalya, is affiliated with the coastal suburb of Serik, located between the city centre of Antalya and the famous city of Alanya.

Universities & Schools 

In Belek, there is the new Akif University, it is one of the most important universities in southern Turkey. It includes several specialities and faculties, including art, economics, electrical and electronic engineering, agricultural engineering, decoration and many others.

 There are also several public and private schools for all levels of education. Hospitals and health centres such as the private hospital "Anadolu", are famous for medical tourism, especially plastic surgery.

Sights & Landmarks in Belek 

Kundu Beach 

The charming Kundu beach which stretches for 1.5 km, is close to residences, entertainment facilities and golf courses, similar to an integrated tourist village built along the coastline. It's a paradise surrounded by a pine forest.


It is the favourite destination of tourists, where there is a cave hidden behind the mouth of the waterfall that forms an exotic divine painting. 

Golf parks

Golf parks are almost one of the most preferred tourist attractions in Belek, allowing lovers of this sport to enjoy these golf courses designed according to international standards that provide an ideal atmosphere for families and friends.

Land of Legends

 Land of Legends It is a huge amusement park with various interesting activities for children and adults, where one can find luxurious rooms and suites suitable for families.

Why should I invest in real estate in Belek? 

Belek, which is close to Antalya city centre and Antalya International Airport, not to mention the countless tourist sites and cities visited annually by many tourists, is experiencing a remarkable increase in the investment value of its real estate properties, thanks to the overall development in recent years, where investors are starting to invest in mega investments in the field of tourism.

The real estate sector is benefiting from this leap and development by experiencing record numbers and rates. Antalya Development offers distinguished offers to those looking for apartments for sale in Antalya and to those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing property, check the prices and contact us for more details.

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