Selling Your Property

Selling Your Property

List your real estate with Antalya Development 

 As a property owner, we know that you want the best outcome from your real estate in Türkiye, reputable tenants, charge a fair rent on time and ultimately see your asset continue to gain value over time. However, navigating into the Antalya real estate market and finding the right tenants or buyers for your real estate can be complicated and time-consuming.

Rent or sell your real estate in Antalya 

 That is where Antalya Development comes into play. We have over 15 years of experience helping property owners in Antalya and Alanya successfully list and rent their properties. Our professional team for real estate investment in Antalya will handle the entire process for you - from listing your real estate on our website and other channels to conducting valuation reports and credit checks and signing legal rental or sales agreements with tenants or buyers.

We stay on top of the latest trends in the real estate market in Antalya to price your real estate competitively and match it with potential tenants and buyers that meet your requirements.

With Antalya Development, have peace of mind knowing that your real estate is in good hands. Our goal is to maximize your income while minimizing hassles. List with us today and see why property owners call us Antalya's property management company.

Why list your real estate with Antalya Development

Over 15 years of experience assisting homeowners to sell their properties in Antalya. As an established real estate investment company in Antalya, we provide several benefits for our clients:

Exposure to qualified buyers 

We have a large-scale database of interested buyers actively searching for Antalya properties. Your listing will reach these motivated buyers, increasing the chances of finding the right match.

Top-notch marketing 

We will professionally photograph your property for sale and feature it prominently on our website. Our marketing team will also promote your listing with videos on social media to generate increasing attention.

Competitive pricing guidance

Our agents will evaluate the features and conditions of your real estate to determine an asking price that maximizes your profit potential.

The streamlined sales process 

We handle the entire sales process from start to finish, including screening offers, negotiating the best deal, preparing the sales contract, and ensuring all legal requirements for a smooth deal closing.

No upfront fees 

We only charge a small commission upon the successful completion of a sale. There are no in-advance service fees for listing your real estate for sale on Antalya Development's marketing channels.

Listing your real estate with us will provide you with an unparalleled marketing experience. Our professional guidance will optimize your selling price and a hassle-free sales experience. 

We do the work so you can focus on your next chapter. For a free property valuation or to list your home today, contact us We're here to guide you. 

Apartments, Villas, Lands - We Cover It All 

Antalya Development specializes in marketing different kinds of real estate in Antalya. Our team has profound experience in listing apartments, villas, residential houses, commercial properties and land.


We have a proven track record of success in listing apartments of all sizes in urban areas and resort towns along the coast. Whether you have a studio flat or a three-bedroom penthouse for sale in Turkey, our marketing strategies will gain maximum exposure for your apartment to attract qualified buyers.

Villas and Houses  

Luxury villas, seafront houses, suburban homes - you name it, we have experience listing residential properties for sale in Turkey of all kinds. We understand the unique selling points of each property type and location for effectively marketing to relevant buyer pools.


If you have land for sale in Antalya for residential or commercial development, we have the expertise to evaluate the real estate. Underlining all of the advantageous parts of the real estate and setting an attractive asking price for potential investors and developers. We have experience listing land for sale in Antalya from small suburban lots up to 100+ acres for master community development. 

Reach More Buyers with Our Advanced Marketing 

Our experience in marketing strategies and global network of agents and investors allows us to sell your real estate in Türkiye at the best possible price in a reasonable timeframe. 

List with us today, and we'll get your real estate in front of qualified buyers worldwide!

Comprehensive Online Marketing 

Our team utilizes advanced digital marketing techniques to connect your Antalya property listing with motivated buyers across the globe. We syndicate your listing to over the top 50 property websites, increasing your visibility and exposure exponentially.

Search Engine Optimization 

To rank higher in search engines like Google, we optimize your property for sale in Antalya by including relevant keywords, meta descriptions, alt-image tags, and internal/external links. When buyers search for properties in Antalya, our SEO efforts will place your listing at the top of the results page.

Social Media Promotion 

We share your listing on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach potential buyers. Through paid social media advertising, we can target your listing to specific audiences who have shown interest in real estate in Antalya. Our social media promotion efforts will drive more traffic to your listing.

E-mail Marketing 

We will publish your listing in our weekly & monthly newsletters and send them to our database of subscribers interested in buying real estate in Antalya. 

Email marketing has a high conversion rate, so promoting your listing through email is an effective way to connect with motivated buyers.

Property Portal Network 

We are partnered with the top international property portals, your listing will appear on all these portals, accessed by thousands of property hunters daily. With broad distribution across our property portal network, you'll gain maximum exposure for your real estate in Antalya.

Advanced digital marketing techniques of Antalya Development will allow you to reach the largest possible audience of potential buyers looking to invest in Antalya properties. More exposure means more interest, so take advantage of our marketing services to sell your real estate in Antalya at the best price within a short time. 

A to Z Real Estate Services in Antalya 

As an established investment company in Antalya with over 15 years of experience, we strive to make the process of listing and selling your real estate in Antalya as straightforward as possible. Our team will guide you through each step to ensure the best results.

Property Evaluation 

First, we will visit your real estate for an initial evaluation to determine an asking price based on the current market value. We consider property type, size, features, condition, location, recent comparable sales, and market demand. Our goal is to price it competitively to generate maximum interest from qualified buyers.

Professional Visuals 

High-quality photographs are essential for showcasing your property. We will take professional photos and videos of the interior and exterior areas of your real estate in the best possible perspective and light. The generated visuals will be featured on our website and in all our marketing channels.

Targeted Marketing 

Once your property is listed on our website, we launch a targeted marketing campaign to attract prospective buyers by considering the socio-demographic information. This includes advertising on popular real estate websites, social media platforms, and local media. We tap into our extensive network to reach qualified buyers actively looking in Antalya.

Qualified Buyers 

We thoroughly evaluate all potential buyers to ensure they are financially qualified before giving an actual tour of your real estate. Our rigorous qualification process helps avoid wasted time and prevents disruptions to your daily life. Only serious buyers who can purchase your property at the asking price are brought for viewings.

Seamless Negotiation 

When an offer is received, we will negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price and terms. With our deep knowledge of the local market and years of experience in negotiation, we are well-equipped to handle this process professionally to achieve a win-win outcome for both buyer and seller.

FAQs: Commonly Asked Questions About Listing with Us 

Selling a property is a big step, but with our hassle-free process, you can feel at ease knowing your needs are in good hands. However, you may still have questions about listing your real estate with Antalya Development.

How long will it take to sell my real estate? 

The duration depends on several factors, including the conditions of the real estate market in Antalya, the asking price, and the overall demand for properties like yours. 

On average, properties for sale in Antalya that are listed with Antalya Development are sold between 1 to 6 months. We have a large-scale network of buyers. However, there is no guarantee of a sale within a specific timeframe.

Do you handle the legal paperwork and closing? 

Legal services are handled separately by our English-speaking Lawyer in Antalya Development. We serve all the necessary marketing and advertising procedures to help sell your property, yet we do not directly handle legal paperwork or closing procedures. 

Once we have secured a suitable offer from a motivated buyer, we connect the buyer and seller to handle contracts, inspections, financing, and closing the deal. As the listing agent, we are still available to advise and assist both parties through this process to help facilitate a smooth transaction.

What happens if there are multiple offers on my real estate? 

Receiving multiple offers on a listing is a desired position for any seller. If we receive more than one offer, we will provide the details of each offer for your evaluation. You can then select the offer that you feel is the strongest based on factors like the offer price, financing terms, closing date, and overall strength of the buyer. 

Alternatively, you may counteroffer on one or more of the received offers to try and obtain an even better deal. We will help you evaluate and negotiate the offers to get the optimal outcome. 

List with Antalya Development for Maximum Exposure! 

Listing your real estate with Antalya Development Company is an easy process that provides significant benefits. Our expertise in the Antalya real estate market, professional visual generation, staging services, and global marketing network will ensure maximum exposure for your listing. 

Contact Antalya Development now to get your property listed quickly and efficiently. The opportunity is here - now to take advantage of it!


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