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The internet has made many aspects of life easier, including searching for real estate investment in Antalya. If you're looking to buy property in Antalya, for investment or vacation home purposes, considering doing so online can make the process smoother and give you more options. Antalya Development offers an online platform with a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to browse listings, conduct research, and even complete purchase transactions fully remotely.

Benefits of Buying a Property in Antalya Online

Purchasing a property in Antalya online through Antalya Development provides several key benefits:

  • Access to more real estate listings for homes, villas, apartments, and vacation rentals. You aren't limited just to properties listed by our real estate team. Antalya Development compiles Turkish properties listings from multiple sources.
  • Better search functionality with customizable real estate filters. You can filter and compare listings based on location, property type, price, size, amenities, rental income potential and more. This helps you with good real estate opportunities in Antalya or options that match your holiday home criteria.
  • Greater convenience with more accessible property viewing. There's no need to schedule appointments and tour homes in person until you are further along in the process. Virtual tours and video walkthroughs allow for online property viewing.
  • Time savings as you can search for options that fit your budget and needs without spending weekends driving around looking at properties in Antalya. The online home-buying process is streamlined.
  • Transparent Turkish real estate pricing. Upfront list prices give you a clear sense of the market value and price range for comparison to inform negotiations.

How the Buying Process Works with Antalya Development

The process of purchasing Turkish property online with Antalya Development follows a few simple steps:

  1. Browse properties for sale in Antalya on the website and save options to your account dashboard you are interested in for further evaluation.
  2. Once you've identified potential properties for sale in Antalya, submit digital inquiry forms to get more details from our real estate teams and schedule virtual tours for further assessment.
  3. When you decide on a home, villa, or apartment for sale in Antalya, our real estate team will reach out to coordinate the next steps.
  4. You will need to complete your property in Antalya with due diligence by reviewing inspection reports, and tax documents digitally. Most of this can be done electronically through the Antalya Development lawyers.
  5. When ready to move forward, digitally sign a Turkish sales agreement outlining terms, contingencies, closing timeline and more using eSignatures.
  6. During the property closing process, wire funds securely through the platform and coordinate the completion of all documentation.
  7. After the closing date, schedule any needed renovations and repairs for your property in Antalya through Antalya Development.
  8. Soon enough, you’ll receive an email confirmation that the Turkey property ownership transfer process is fully complete! Schedule travel to visit your new Turkish vacation home or rental investment villa.

This streamlined process allows busy Antalya real estate buyers the chance to purchase property from anywhere in the world, without needing to personally visit until after closing is finished.

No matter what type of ambience, amenities or real estate investment returns you want in an Antalya property, using the Antalya Development website simplifies scoping out options and seamlessly buying Turkish real estate completely online. Sign up for a free account today to get started browsing listings!


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