Antalya, one of Turkey’s most vibrant and significant cities, offers the perfect blend of the Mediterranean’s charm with history, culture, and nature. Renowned for its Blue Flag beaches and ancient ruins, Antalya provides an excellent living space with its urban and national parks, catering to nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Today, we’ll explore a magnificent park situated in the heart of the Kepez district: Dokuma Park!

The Story of Dokuma Park 

The name of the park pays homage to the historical texture of the region. Dokuma Park is established on the grounds where the Spinning and Cotton Weaving (means Dokuma in Turkish) Factory, once a significant industrial establishment in Antalya, was located. This factory holds a significant place in Turkey’s Republican history, representing a pivotal role in the textile industry.

After the factory’s closure, this area, dormant for a long time, was revitalized in 2018 under the leadership of Kepez Municipality, becoming a new breathing space for the city.

Getting to Know Dokuma Park 

Located in the Kepez district, just north of ÖzDilek Shopping Mall, Dokuma Park appeals to all ages with its expansive walking paths, art galleries, 24/7 open library, museums, sports facilities, amphitheaters, and ponds.

Dokuma Park has become the most visited park by both Antalya residents and tourists, hosting significant events such as the Antalya Science Festival.

What Does Dokuma Park Offer? 


Anatolian Toy Museum 

Setting a record with 32,000 visitors in its first week, the Anatolian Toy Museum opens the doors to the world of toys. Located in Dokuma Park and provided to the public by Kepez Municipality, the museum showcases 13,800 toys in 15 different rooms with distinct themes.

Cemil Meriç Library 

Opened on May 19, 2021, following the restoration of the Transformer Building, this library boasts a total capacity of 200,000 books and catalogs, making it one of the richest libraries in the Mediterranean region. Notably, the library operates 24/7.

“Once Upon a Time Antalya” Museum 

Preserving the memories of Antalya and the Weaving Factory, this museum narrates not only the changing and progressing district of Kepez but also the significant heritage and story of Antalya. The “Once Upon a Time Antalya” Museum is located in the Administrative Building of the former Weaving Factory.

Modern Arts Gallery 

Formerly the canteen of the Weaving Factory, this building has been transformed into the “Modern Arts Gallery,” spanning 1000 square meters and consisting of four separate rooms.

Antalya Car Museum 

Once used as the warehouse of the weaving factory, this building constitutes the third museum of the Dokuma Park project. The collection of vehicles, which once roamed the city streets, offers a glimpse into Turkey’s industrialization journey.

Open-Air Museum 

In this open-air museum, visitors can see detailed and realistic miniatures of historical and cultural monuments from different regions of Turkey. 84 reduced-scale works belonging to Anatolian civilizations are exhibited on a 10,000 square meter area in the park.

8D Simulation Center 

Known as the Kepez Simulation Center, the cinema hall in this center has 8D infrastructure. Visitors can explore the natural and historical beauties of Antalya in a virtual environment, providing a unique experience using the latest technological facilities.

Botanic Park 

Dokuma Park Botanic Garden, divided into areas such as rose gardens, scented plant gardens, and shaped plant gardens, introduces endemic plants of the Mediterranean.

Antalya Science Center 

This center includes experiment laboratories, scientific workshops, exhibition areas, multipurpose halls for scientific shows and discussions, and special design galleries. The Antalya Science Center holds the distinction of being the first and only Science Center in the Mediterranean region.

Train Library

Designed especially for children and opened on April 23, the Library Train offers children the opportunity to read books and participate in workshops that help improve their manual skills and thinking abilities.

Dr. Burhanettin Onat Children’s Library 

Attached to the historical Kara Train Station building, the Dr. Burhanettin Onat Children’s Library started serving as a children’s library on April 23, 2022, earning the title of the region’s richest children’s library. With a catalog of 15,000 books, this library provides an environment for children to develop their reading habits and improve their skills.

How Can I Get to Dokuma Park? 

Dokuma Park, emerging as a center of attraction bringing together the historical, cultural, and natural riches of Antalya, stands out as a captivating space. Revitalized in 2018 on the former grounds of the Spinning and Cotton Weaving Factory, the park breathes new life into the city under the leadership of Kepez Municipality.

Dokuma Park offers a wide range of activities, from the Anadolu Toy Museum to the Modern Arts Gallery, Antalya Car Museum, Botanic Park, and various museums and events, providing visitors with a unique experience!

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