Alanya has long surpassed its status as a district connected to Antalya, both due to its advanced urban infrastructure and significant population growth. Intense debates are underway about granting Alanya the status of a province. In recent years, it has outpaced Antalya in terms of population growth rates and construction volumes. As the largest district in the province of Antalya in terms of population, Alanya ranks 26th among Turkey’s 81 districts. Another distinguishing feature that sets Alanya apart in terms of development is being the only district with its own airport.

If Alanya’s provincial status is elevated, it could receive more funds from the state treasury. In such a scenario, official procedures in the city may undergo changes. For instance, the status of neighborhoods closed to the residence of foreigners could be revised. Additionally, new state institutions related to provincial status would emerge, leading to an increase in residential construction volumes in the construction sector. All these factors would inevitably contribute to a rise in real estate prices. Construction of the necessary state institutions and additional infrastructure in the event of a change in the city’s status is already underway in Alanya.

To obtain long-term residence permits in Turkey, foreigners need to have the necessary legal permissions. The easiest way to obtain a residence permit in major cities or districts affiliated with major cities is to own a residence worth at least USD 200,000. Obtaining a residence permit for a property is the easiest way to legally reside in the country. So, could Alanya, the most preferred location for foreigners buying real estate to obtain residence permits in Turkey, become an independent province?

Independence in Air Transportation: Alanya and Gazipaşa Airport 

Having its own international airport makes Alanya entirely independent in terms of air transportation from Antalya. The possibility of quickly reaching Alanya from any city in Turkey and the world makes it attractive for investors or those considering settling in Alanya. The capacity of Gazipaşa Airport is not only sufficient for today’s air traffic but can also accommodate much larger passenger volumes in the future.

Transportation Advantages in Alanya: Air, Sea, and Road Facilities 

In addition to the airport advantage, Alanya has easy access by sea and road from surrounding provinces. Situated conveniently on the D-400 southwest highway, Alanya can easily connect to various important districts and provinces in Turkey. This situation provides a significant transportation and connection opportunity for Alanya, encouraging trade, tourism, and economic activities.

Rapid Population Growth in Alanya and Its Surroundings

As of the year 2023, Alanya’s population has exceeded 350,000. The surrounding settlements have grown so much in recent times that the possibility of Alanya becoming a province seems inevitable. The largest district in the region is Gazipaşa, which has the chance to become a popular holiday destination due to its proximity to the airport and the rapidly growing construction sector.

Alanya: A Brand in Tourism 

Alanya is considered the best district in Antalya in terms of popularity and recognition. The tourism sector, which forms the basis of the regional economy, rapidly increases its volume in this area every year. With its qualified facilities for sea, sun, and sand tourism, Alanya continues to attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

Away from the Fault Line: Secure Living in Alanya 

In a country known for earthquakes like Turkey, Antalya and Alanya stand out as safe places to settle. Being away from the fault line, Alanya hosts both local and foreign investors in the tourism and agriculture sectors.

Alanya: An International Player in Health and Education 

Hosting international medical and educational institutions, Alanya provides a significant reason for becoming an independent province, separate from Antalya. The number of tourists coming for health tourism is observed to have increased by an average of 20% (TUIK). This not only contributes significantly to the local economy but also creates new employment opportunities in the region.

Role of Alanya in Food Production 

The agricultural sector in Alanya is highly developed and meets a significant portion of the region’s food needs. Growing many popular fruits such as Anamur bananas and Gazipaşa pomegranates, Alanya contributes significantly to local and national food supply, indicating the agricultural wealth of the region.

Mediterranean Gem: The Allure of Alanya 

As a Mediterranean town with beautiful beaches, Alanya attracts investors with various reasons such as ideal climate conditions, good transportation connections worldwide, beautiful nature, many historical and natural attractions, high construction quality, ease of obtaining residence permits and citizenship through real estate purchase, high-level security, and a positive attitude towards foreigners.

Why Invest in Real Estate in Alanya? 

Having investment-friendly, convenient, and available land along the coastline provides developers with opportunities to build real estate here. This offers a variety of options for those who want to live and invest, especially considering the unique locations of residential projects on the seaside. Given the unique location of residential projects in Alanya, buying an apartment in a hotel-type residential project is an ideal residence type.

While investors show great interest in real estate in Alanya due to prices, opportunities, and expectations, large-scale construction projects in the region determine the course of the entire construction market in Antalya. Privileged programs granted to foreigners (Residence Permit with Real Estate Investment and Turkish Citizenship for Investment Purposes) are attracting significant attention in Alanya, with a 25% increase compared to the previous year.

Choosing the Right Investment in Alanya with Antalya Development Guide 

Although Alanya is not yet an independent province, you can still buy great apartments here at affordable prices. According to experts, the value of real estate will increase by at least 20% after the region’s status is changed. Areas where state institutions will settle are expected to see significant increases in both residential and commercial real estate prices. Investors looking to capitalize on their savings are not hesitant to choose which city to invest in. If needed, Antalya Development’s expert team will provide you with comprehensive information about all real estate in Alanya.