The primary challenge faced by those coming to Turkey from abroad is the language barrier. Knowing the relevant language helps solve many issues that may arise when moving to another country. When it comes to learning Turkish, there are many options available: self-study, free or paid courses, and lessons on YouTube. Regardless of the option you choose, you will succeed if you take responsibility for your learning!

Before you start, it may sound a bit strange, but you don’t need to study too much to learn a language quickly. In fact, what is needed is sustainable effort. For example, instead of learning 20 words in a day, learn 5 words but do it every day. Your learning pattern can be entirely personalized, but for success, it’s important that your pattern is consistent every day.

Official Institutions Providing Turkish Education for Foreigners 

Free Language Courses from Municipalities in Turkey: ASMEK 

These are free language courses provided by municipalities. You can benefit from ASMEK language courses immediately after obtaining your residence permit. These courses have branches in every district of Antalya, in Istanbul, and in other cities. Once the required number of participants is reached, the classes begin. While these courses are sometimes criticized for providing basic-level instruction, they are very helpful in the early stages of education. The instruction is conducted solely in Turkish.

Regardless of which language you want to learn, the most determining factors for your success are the permanence, consistency, and regularity of your studies. We hope our suggestions will help you learn Turkish or any other language and adapt to your new life. If you are considering living in Turkey, improving your language skills before moving to the country is crucial as it facilitates getting to know the country and adapting to new conditions.

Language Courses from the Ministry of National Education in Turkey: TÖMER 

Developed by the Ministry of National Education in 1988 and continuing to this day, the TÖMER Course Program provides Turkish language education for foreigners at every level from beginner to advanced.

The main advantage of this course is the Ministry of National Education-approved language certificate awarded upon completion. With this certificate, you can pursue education in Turkey and have an edge in job applications.

It’s worth noting that TÖMER classes are held five days a week and last an average of 15 hours. Each level includes more than 200 hours of educational material.

Turkish Language Education at Universities for Foreigners: Options and Opportunities 

On the other hand, you can take advantage of fee-based programs at universities. Academies like Boğaziçi University, Ankara University, and TEDÜSEM, which offers Turkish Language Education Programs for Foreigners, are significant examples.

Doing and Learning Strategy in Rapid and Effective Language Teaching 

The positive effects of the “doing and learning” methodology on language learning allow students to learn more quickly and effectively by putting language skills into practice. This method provides students with an active learning experience by increasing their ability to use language skills in real life.

Your Pocket Language Course: The Easy Way to Learn Turkish with Your Phone 

Did you know that the number of people learning Turkish on Duolingo is approaching 2 million? Learning a language using your phone is now much easier! Turkish is among the top 10 most learned languages in language teaching apps like Memrise, Busuu, and Learn a Language.

Advantages of Keeping a Journal When Learning a New Language 

Keeping a journal is a crucial tool for language learning because it provides a personal space to continuously practice the language in written form. This practice allows students to reinforce vocabulary, improve language grammar, and establish a deeper connection with the language over time.

Effective Method in Language Learning: Immediately Use Every Word You Learn 

Regardless of the language you are working on, if you’ve learned a few words today—such as hello, goodbye, thank you, please, how much does it cost—start using them immediately. Say hello to everyone you see, ask for the price of all items, even if you don’t need them. Make friends with native speakers or those trying to learn the language and make an effort to message them every day. Try to use the words you’ve learned in your conversations.

Focus on Everyday Language 

Of course, knowing the meanings of words for all countries, continents, animals, insects, etc., is nice. However, when we start learning a new language, it’s much more beneficial to learn the names of public transportation vehicles. Prioritize expressions and idioms used in everyday life. It will be harder for you to forget words that have practical use in daily life. Try to read store signs when you go shopping or when you’re on the road; it’s both a practical and fun learning experience!

Language Development with Simple Books: Read Children’s Books 

Never shy away from choosing books intended for elementary school children. On the contrary, these books do not contain complex words or language expressions since they are written in a very simple language. Enjoy reading books in the language you are learning while understanding situations and facts constructed with simple sentences. The resulting sense of success and pride is one of the keys to sustainable progress.

The Secret to Speaking in a Foreign Language: Small Achievements in Communication

Local people always feel happy when they see a foreigner trying to learn their language. No matter how poorly you speak, you will surely gain their friendship and assistance. If you are understood when you speak, despite not being very good in terms of grammar/vocabulary, it is a significant achievement. After all, the main purpose of language is communication.

Advantages of Knowing Turkish 

If you plan to live permanently in the country and are buying real estate to gain Turkish citizenship through investment, knowledge of the Turkish language will help you travel efficiently within the country and save significant amounts during property transactions. Knowing Turkish will be beneficial not only in Turkey but also in Germany, France, or England. In all major cities, there are shopping and restaurant areas where most sellers are Turkish.

To get more detailed information about learning Turkish, contact us now. We will share our most detailed advice on learning Turkish for children, Turkish courses, and choosing Turkish schools or universities.