Where to Buy Property in Turkey? This is the most frequently asked question. Of course, it is best to buy real estate in Turkey from a real estate agency or investment company, which is primarily interested in the profitability of the purchase for the investor.

Buying a property in Turkey through an agency is profitable 

In the example familiar to most foreign buyers, the buyer wants to bypass cooperation with a real estate agency in every possible way and make a purchase on his own. The reason why buyers prefer to deal directly with the developer is quite clear. So, they can save on the commission fees charged by the agency. However, the situation in Turkey is entirely different from other countries. In almost all cases, the buyer is not required to pay any fees to the agency.

You can buy real estate in Turkey only through an agency 

In most cases, developers do not independently promote and sell Turkey real estate they build.

Many developers work with marketing companies that exclusively promote their projects. When you visit the developer’s office, you will meet with a representative of the developer as well as a sales representative from the marketing company they have partnered with.

How much does an apartment cost in Turkey?

It is crucial to understand that the prices for newly constructed buildings are determined by the developer. This means that regardless of the city or company, the price of the property offered will remain the same. This is a fundamental principle of the Turkish real estate market.

Buy an apartment in Turkey on your own 

It is possible to buy an apartment in Antalya on your own! To do this, you just need to:

  • It is preferable to Know the Turkish language, be confident in the knowledge of Turkish legislation, have a good understanding of Turkish legislation and have a good understanding of the local culture.
  • Study the offers on Turkey real estate, and independently visit all the objects and find out the best conditions.
  • Find a Turkish lawyer who speaks a foreign language (English, Russian ..) and make the desired changes to the contract.
  • Agree on a payment plan with the developer, independently collect all the documents, and go to all instances to register the ownership.
  • If you don’t live in Turkey, then you will have to spend a lot more on paying for a hotel because you won’t be able to get everything done quickly.

It’s up to you to decide whether to go through this journey on your own or enlist the support of a professional real estate investment agency.

And now we will try to consider the advantages of purchasing real estate with Antalya Development Real Estate Agency.

How a real estate agency works: buy an apartment in Turkey live and online 

A package of proposals that is as close to your needs as possible is prepared upon your request. You get to know him and select a few opportunities that interest you. You get to know him and choose a few options you like. Next, you discuss with your consultant the advantages and disadvantages of the options you like.

Having finally chosen the option of an apartment or house, if you are in another country, you can request a video tour of the property that you like in real-time. A consultant will answer all your questions on the spot. If you are satisfied with everything, you can complete the entire transaction online, Turkish law provides for this purchase option.

Buy an Apartment in Turkey Stress-Free: Your Real Estate Consultant! 

If you come to Turkey to see all the apartments in person (if there is a question about buying a ready-made apartment), then you go to see them with your investment consultant.

If legal questions arise during the process of choosing and viewing a property that cannot be answered by an investment consultant, then the question is immediately addressed to the legal service of Antalya Development, and you will receive an answer as quickly as possible.

Antalya Development Investment company solves all issues related to the selection of highly liquid real estate, signing contracts and further support of this investment – rent, and resale.

After-sales service of real estate agency 

The real estate agency stays with you even after signing the contract of sale.

  • Preparation of water, gas and electricity bills.
  • Obtaining a residence permit by investment in real estate.
  • Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment
  • Purchase of furniture and furnishing of the apartment.
  • Registration of insurance policies
  • Finding tenants and maintaining the apartment.
  • Integration into a new life.

The agency always assists the investor to solve all the issues that arise after the purchase of an apartment, and which are extremely difficult to solve on their own.

We Always Speak Your Language (H2)

Antalya Development’s website works in five languages, and our real estate specialists speak nine languages: English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Russian.

All contracts that will be signed are always written in at least two languages: Turkish, English/Russian/another language on request.

Unlike owners who typically present just one option, the agency provides you with a more comprehensive range of choices and then identifies the most suitable property for each real estate type based on your needs

All you have to do is choose an agency that has a reliable reputation and a staff of specialists in investments, not just sales. And, of course, a reliable and professional team of lawyers who will protect your transactions. Only in this case, each of your invested dollars will bring maximum returns.