As an investor seeking lucrative real estate in Turkey, you may be considering the merits of purchasing off-plan property in Antalya, Turkey, Antalya offers an appealing location for property investment. Additionally, off-plan properties, made before construction is complete, can enable buyers to acquire high-quality residences at affordable prices.

What is off-plan property?

Off-plan property refers to real estate that is still in the development phase. As an investor, you purchase the property before construction is complete. This allows you to secure the property at the initial offering price, often at a discount, and then benefit from any appreciation in value as the development is built.

Off-plan investments do come with inherent risks, as the final product may differ from the initial plans or design. However, for investors interested in emerging markets like Antalya, off-plan purchases offer the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and realize significant returns. Some key things to consider when purchasing off-plan property include:

Conduct thorough due diligence on the developer.

Review their experience, qualifications, and track record for completing projects on time and as promised.

Review plans and specifications in detail. Make sure you fully understand the design, layout, materials, and any amenities of the development before purchasing.

Understand the payment schedule. Typically, you will make an initial down payment to reserve the property, with the balance paid throughout construction as certain milestones are met. Ensure you can meet future payment obligations before signing a purchase agreement.

Negotiate contract terms that protect you if there are delays or changes to the development plans. For example, secure penalty clauses if the project is not completed on time. You want assurances to mitigate risks as much as possible.

Consider using a real estate agent to represent your interests. They can help review contracts, negotiate terms, and ensure your legal rights are protected as an off-plan buyer.

Be prepared for a multi-year investment timeline. Most off-plan projects, especially large-scale projects, take 2 years to complete.

Off-plan property in an emerging market like Antalya offers the potential for high returns on investment.

Why Invest in Off-Plan Property in Antalya?

Investing in off-plan property in Antalya offers several advantages for real estate investors. Off-plan property refers to real estate that is still in the development phase. By investing early, you can secure a property at a lower price point before values start to rise.

Lower Prices

Purchasing property before construction is complete typically allows buyers to get a lower price per square meter. Developers often offer discounts and incentives to investors who buy off-plan to help finance the project. This means you can acquire a high-quality property at a sizeable discount compared to the price once construction is finished.

Higher Returns

With a lower entry price, the potential for strong capital appreciation is greater. As the development nears completion and demand rises, property values increase significantly. Investors who get in at the early stages stand to gain the most from this price growth. Studies show that off-plan property in Antalya has achieved annual price increases of 10-15% in recent years.


When you invest off-plan, you usually have more flexibility to customize fixtures and finishes to your tastes before construction begins. You can select options like tile, cabinetry, countertops, and flooring. The developer will incorporate your selections into the final build. This allows you to maximize the property’s appeal for future tenants or buyers.

Less Risk

Reputable developers in Antalya wishing to attract foreign investment will ensure projects are properly permitted, funded, and insured. They aim to minimize risk for buyers. You can research the developer’s track record and credentials to verify their credibility before investing. Seeking legal counsel regarding the purchase contract and title deed can also help safeguard your investment.

With a combination of lower costs, higher upside potential, flexibility, and risk mitigation, off-plan property in Antalya offers an attractive opportunity for real estate investors looking to capitalize on Turkey’s burgeoning tourism and second-home market. By investing early in a well-located new development, you can position yourself for strong returns over the long run.

What to Look for When Buying Off-Plan Property

When investing in off-plan real estate in Antalya, there are several key factors to consider before purchasing a property.

Developer Reputation and Reliability

It is essential to research the reputation and reliability of the property developer or real estate agency. Look into the experience, qualifications, and portfolio of completed projects.

Location and Infrastructure

Evaluate the location and surrounding infrastructure. Properties near amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping, and dining, hold their value well over time

Construction Quality and Specifications

Review the building’s specifications, materials, and quality to ensure it meets high standards. Look for details on the structural specifications, insulation, plumbing, electrical systems, and fixtures. Higher quality materials and construction will typically lead to lower maintenance costs and higher rents or resale value.

Payment Terms and Investment Potential

Evaluate the payment terms, fees, and potential returns on your investment. Off-plan properties often allow for instalment payments for construction with lower initial deposits. However, be sure all terms and fees are clearly outlined in the sales contract. Analyse the potential rental income and capital appreciation of the property to determine if it aligns with your investment objectives. Off-plan properties may yield higher returns if values increase throughout construction.

Conducting thorough due diligence on these factors will help ensure you make a well-informed investment decision in an off-plan property in Antalya. With the right property and developer, off-plan real estate can be an attractive opportunity to gain exposure to Turkey’s growing tourism and property market.

Buying process for off-plan properties

Once you’ve decided to invest in an off-plan property in Antalya, the buying process typically involves several key steps:

Find a reputable real estate agent or developer.

Conduct thorough research on various developers or real estate companies  and their projects to find one with a proven track record of completing high-quality properties on schedule. Review their credentials, experience, reviews from previous buyers, and examples of past projects.

Review the plans and specifications. The developer should provide detailed floor plans, a list of included features and finishes, information about the surrounding area and amenities, and an estimated completion date. Make sure the plans meet your needs and expectations before proceeding.

Sign a sales contract.

If satisfied with the details of the property, you will sign a sales contract with the developer to reserve your unit. A deposit, typically a percentage of the purchase price, is required at signing. The contract should specify the total cost, payment schedule, completion date, and your rights as a buyer.

Pay instalments.

For off-plan properties, you pay the purchase price through instalments throughout construction, rather than a lump sum at completion. The payment schedule will be outlined in your sales contract, typically linking payments to construction milestones. Make payments on time to avoid penalty fees and delays.

Property handover. Once construction is complete, the developer will hand over the property to you. Inspect the property to ensure everything is acceptable and as agreed in the contract. Officially register the ownership transfer and you now have full rights and access to your new off-plan investment property in Antalya!

Following these key steps carefully will help ensure you have a smooth buying process and end up with a high-quality off-plan property in Antalya that meets all your expectations. Conducting due diligence, understanding the details in the sales contract, and paying close attention during construction are vital to your success as an investor.

Apartments and villas off-plan for sale in Antalya

Investing in property off-plan in Antalya offers many benefits for real estate investors. Off-plan property refers to apartments and villas that are still under construction or in the planning stages. Purchasing at this early stage allows buyers to secure the property at a lower price before values increase once construction is completed.

Secure Prime Locations 

Developers frequently offer substantial discounts of up to 40% for off-plan buyers to help finance ongoing construction costs. This allows investors to purchase prime properties in desirable locations at a fraction of the eventual market value. The property value is likely to appreciate significantly once construction is finished and the development becomes established.

Flexible Payment Plans

Developers typically offer flexible payment plans for off-plan properties with low deposits and staged payment schedules throughout construction. This makes such investments more accessible and affordable for buyers. The initial deposit may be as low as 25-30% of the purchase price, with the balance paid over 6-24 months.

Customize Your Property

Purchasing off-plan allows investors to customize certain elements of the property to their tastes before construction begins. Options may include selecting flooring, countertops, tiles, and other finishes. Buyers can also request certain layout changes or additions if the plans allow for modifications. Customizing a property typically adds value for future resale.

Off-plan property in Antalya provides real estate investors an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new development at a discount. With attractive pricing, flexible terms, and customization options, off-plan apartments and villas are an appealing investment choice in this Mediterranean resort city. As Antalya real estate market continues to strengthen, investors can look forward to healthy returns through capital appreciation, rentals, or resale.

Financing Your Off-Plan Property Purchase in Antalya

Purchasing property off-plan in Antalya typically requires financing, whether through a mortgage, investor loan, or self-funding. As an investor, securing financing for an off-plan purchase in Turkey may differ from financing property in your home country. Some key considerations for financing an off-plan property purchase in Antalya include:

Mortgages for Foreigners

Mortgages for foreigners buying property in Turkey are available from Turkish banks, but typically require a down payment of at least 30-50% of the purchase price. Interest rates on mortgages for foreigners may be higher than for Turkish citizens. Mortgage terms are usually 10-15 years. Ensure you understand all terms and interest rates before committing to a mortgage.

Developer Payment Plans

Many developers in Antalya offer instalment payment plans for off-plan purchases to make units more affordable and accessible for buyers. These plans allow you to pay a percentage of the purchase price upfront, such as 30-50%, then make instalments on the remaining amount during construction until completion. Interest is often charged on instalment payments. Payment plans provide more flexibility but may end up costing more overall.


If possible, self-funding the entire purchase price of an off-plan property in Antalya is the most cost-effective option. You avoid paying interest charges and financing fees. However, self-funding requires having the entire purchase amount readily available and ties up your capital during construction. For most investors, a combination of self-funding and other financing methods may be optimal.


As an investor, buying off-plan property in Antalya can offer lucrative returns if done strategically. With full research and local market knowledge, you can secure prime real estate that will likely appreciate over time. However, off-plan investments in Antalya present savvy investors with an opportunity worth exploring.