Being one of the most popular cities for real estate investment in Türkiye, Antalya is preparing to welcome a significant event for the construction & real estate industry. Organized by JNR Fair  the Antalya Real Estate Projects Investment Fair and Summit will gather investors, real estate professionals and developers from both national and international basis. The exhibition will take place in Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel between 28 – 29 October 2023.  

One of the largest real estate exhibitions in Antalya 

Considered one of the largest real estate fairs in Türkiye, the exhibition used to be organized in Istanbul annually. However, as Antalya is becoming the most preferred destination to settle not only among the locals but also the foreigners, this year’s edition will be organized in Antalya. Supported also by the Ministry of Commerce , the exhibition is planning to attract investors and stakeholders from around the globe, introducing investment opportunities that are offering high returns in Antalya. 

Who are the participants of the Antalya Real Estate Projects Investment Fair and Summit 

As the fair is going to take place in an international framework, it is expected to welcome exhibitors and visitors from various countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar and Dubai. JNR Fair announced that 50 companies will participate in showcasing 260 different projects throughout the event. According to the same announcement, The event will host a diverse audience, including 15% investors, 9% brokers, 10% real estate consultants, 8% business developers, 12% architects and designers, 12% construction professionals, 31% buyers from Gulf countries, 47% Turkish buyers, 2% high-level government officials, 22% bank representatives, and 13% valuation experts.

The programme of the summit 

Saturday – 28.10.2023 

The president of the Arabic-Turkish Businessmen and Investors Association, Ismail Altın will be the moderator of the real estate summit which will be organized on the first day of the event. The speakers who will join the session are as follows;

Bilal Köseoğlu, President of Antalya Businessmen Association (ANTİAD)

Hakan Akçam, President of Ankara Chamber Professional of Realtors

İsmail Çağlar, President of Antalya Chamber Professionals of Realtors

The summit will be followed by lunch and then will continue with international B2B meetings until 18:00. 

Sunday – 29.10.2023 

Starting at 12:00, the brunch will mark the start of the second and the last day of the Antalya Real Estate Projects Investment Fair and Summit. International B2B meetings will take place also on this day between 14:00-16:00 which will be followed by an after-party until 18:00.

Real Estate Fair Ground in Antalya: Nirvana Cosmopolitan 

After becoming a glorious performance hall of the city with its Comsos Theatre, Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel is getting ready to become the short-term centre of the real estate sector of Antaya.  

Address: Güzeloba Mah. Yaşar Sobutay Bulv. No:32 Lara, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya


Whether you are an investor, a real estate professional to create new business connections, or even just a curious mind about the real estate market of Antalya, here is the free registration link ( to the Antalya Real Estate Projects Investment Fair and Summit.