Purchasing a property in Turkey can be overwhelming even for the most experienced buyers, as it can involve many unpredictable factors and complexities, which are only sometimes familiar to those from abroad who have no legal experience. 

While financial savings can sometimes motivate individuals into deciding to move forward without legal advice, the involvement of a solicitor is critical for ensuring the process runs smoothly, is legally sound, and can be deemed successful in the end.

This blog will go into further detail on the critical functions that solicitors perform when you buy property in Turkey. Turkish real estate transactions and how they help safeguard your interests, how to select the right solicitor for you, and some of the things you can expect from their services.

Also, we will add additional takeaways and support materials that will guide you in buying properties in Antalya and property for sale in Istanbul.

Knowing the Rules of Turkish Property Law

The legal structure regulating property transactions in Turkey is rather complex, but it can be quite different from others. The absence of expert supervision could result in less capable buyers having to deal with a diversity of legal ramifications that threaten to jeopardise their investments. 

It is not a compulsory act in Turkey to use a solicitor in the purchase of properties in Antalya. Still, the qualities they possess, which are expertise, experience, and protection, are uncontested.

The main objective of employing a solicitor is to adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements of Turkey’s real estate. These laws cover the different dimensions of land and property transactions, such as the rights of ownership, the deeds of title, the zoning regulations, and the taxation requirements. 

Your solicitor, with specialised knowledge of Turkish real estate law, is going to accompany you and guide you through these complexities. This will help you to face them with confidence, knowing that your party has met all the legal requirements in the course of the purchase.

Moreover, an attorney will carry out a comprehensive due diligence exercise to discover any possible risks or liabilities regarding the property for sale in Istanbul. This part involves confirming the ownership of the property, checking for liens or encumbrances, and making sure that all required permits and approvals are obtained. 

Through the process of detailed due diligence, solicitors can ensure that their buyers avoid expensive legal fights and secure their investment interests.

Protecting Your Interests: Managing the risks and being compliant

Through our in-depth involvement in the Turkish real estate sector, we have seen, in practice, the value of having excellent legal representation. If it does not exist, the buyers may fall prey to different risks, such as fraudulent schemes, hidden liabilities, unscrupulous sellers, and others. 

Lawyers are the priceless guardians of their clients from these risks. They scrutinise the necessary forms and documents thoroughly, thus ensuring that the client’s interests are protected.

One of the critical responsibilities of solicitors is to review and prepare legal documents, including the transfer agreement and title deeds. These documents describe the terms and conditions of the trade, and they also serve as legal protections for buyers and sellers. 

The solicitors make sure that all these documents comply with Turkish law and have provisions that protect the rights and interests of their clients, starting with the transaction process.

Furthermore, solicitors can help with negotiations and mediation if a misunderstanding or a dispute appears during the buying process.

The Role of a Solicitor in Real Estate Deals

From the very first stage of the property hunt to the finalisation of the deal, solicitors are indispensable in terms of bringing light to the buying journey. Such buyers’ skills and know-how provide buyers with a crystal clear notion of rights, obligations, and options, which make them make informed decisions all through the purchase.

One of the primary duties of the solicitor is to go through comprehensive due diligence on the property for sale in Istanbul. This entails checking if the seller is the rightful owner of the asset, if any debts or encumbrances exist with respect to it, and if the property complies with the relevant regulations. 

Meticulous due diligence can help solicitors identify any potential risks or issues that could negatively influence the transaction and assist clients with more appropriate feedback and recommendations.

real estate deals

Furthermore, solicitors are in charge of the negotiation and the preparation of the purchase agreement, a key document in any property transaction. This contract spells out the terms and conditions of the transaction, which include the purchase price, payment terms, and all conditions or contingencies that need to be met in order to make the transaction legally binding. 

Solicitors make sure that the purchase agreement reflects the exact intentions of the clients and protects their interests throughout the transaction process.

In the last stage of the deal, the solicitors take care of the transfer of ownership, which includes the submission of all the necessary papers to the relevant authorities. 

The transfer of ownership is also recorded with the city registry, and a new title deed is provided in the buyer’s name. Lawyers take over such work of their clients in order to guarantee a flawless and fast transaction process.

The Key Takeaways and Suggestions

The most important factor during the purchase of properties in Antalya is the selection of the right solicitor. Though there are many law firms and solicitors who are willing to offer their services, they may need to gain the required experience or knowledge in the field of real estate transactions. 

During the evaluation process of potential solicitors, buyers need to keep some basic guidelines in mind to get a better judgement.

One more aspect is the solicitor’s familiarisation with Turkish property legislation and norms. The complexity of Turkish real estate law requires you to hire a solicitor with specialist skills in that area. It is also essential to assess the solicitor’s expertise in handling similar dealings and their standing in the legal community.

Reverence from trusted sources, for example, real estate agents, property developers, or fellow investors, is essential in choosing the right solicitors. Such people are able to offer direct feedback to solicitors who have years of experience in the sphere of real estate law and can be relied on to execute intricate real estate deals successfully.

Moreover, the buyer has to check that the solicitor he is going to use is a member of the Istanbul Bar and authorised to practise law in Turkey. This makes sure that the solicitor remains truthful to the moral and professional ethics while being competent to take care of clients’ legal matters.

Communication skills and responsiveness are also critical factors to consider while deciding on a solicitor. A solicitor who is open, communicative, and responsive to their client’s needs explains better and helps to create a more positive experience during the transaction.

What to Expect from Your Solicitor

Once you have a solicitor, you can expect them to provide full support and services during the property purchase process. Solicitors can protect their clients’ interests at all stages of the transaction.

Performing due diligence on the property for sale in Istanbul, which shall involve verifying the ownership rights, carrying out searches for outstanding debts/encumbrances and ensuring compliance with the specified regulations.


Preparing and reviewing legal documents, for instance, purchase agreements, title deeds, and a power of attorney.

Participating in negotiations as well as intervening in disputes between sellers and buyers.

Overseeing the transfer of ownership, making sure all papers were processed accurately and submitted to the relevant personnel.

During this phase of the transaction process, solicitors are there to address any issues and provide expert advice and guidance to the clients. Through their knowledge and years of practice, solicitors will make buyers feel secure and confident about getting properties in Turkey.

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