Antalya is one of the top real estate investment destinations in Turkey. With its beautiful beaches, vibrant tourism industry, and thriving economy, Antalya offers great opportunities for real estate investors. Whether you want to buy an apartment to rent out to tourists, invest in land for development, or purchase commercial property, there are many ways to maximize your investment in Antalya real estate.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best projects and strategies to improve your real estate investment in Antalya. From understanding the market conditions and growth projections to choosing the right location and property type, we will cover everything you need to know. With smart planning and strategic investments, you can gain excellent returns on your real estate purchase in this Mediterranean jewel.

Overview of Antalya Real Estate Market

Antalya is the fastest-growing real estate market in Turkey. The city has seen enormous growth in the past decade, driven by tourism, infrastructure development, and foreign investment. Some key facts about the Antalya real estate market:

  • Antalya’s population increased from 2.4 million in 2014 to over 3 million in 2022. The city draws over 15 million visitors every year.
  • Real estate prices rose over 60% between 2010 and 2022 as demand continued to outstrip supply. Beachfront properties saw even higher appreciation.
  • Tourist arrivals are expected to reach 20 million by 2025, further driving demand for hotels, apartments, retail, and entertainment complexes.
  • Enormous projects have attracted foreign real estate developers and improved infrastructure.
  • Improved international access through Antalya Airport has made the city attractive to overseas investors from Russia, Europe, and the Middle East.

With such strong fundamentals, Antalya offers lucrative prospects for real estate investors. Capital and rental yields are among the highest in the Mediterranean region. While the market is already heating up, there are still opportunities to gain value, as we will discuss in the next sections.

Best Locations to Buy Real Estate in Antalya

Antalya is geographically diverse, with each area offering different value propositions for investors. Here are some of the best locations to consider when buying real estate in Antalya:

Kaleiçi (Old Town)

This historic district is located directly on the Mediterranean coast and contains Antalya’s top tourist attractions. Kaleiçi features charming Ottoman-era architecture, boutique hotels, restaurants, and shopping. Real estate in this area commands a premium for its unmatched location and appeal to international visitors. Kaleiçi is ideal for purchasing small boutique hotels, apartments, or commercial properties.


Lara is a popular resort town located just 10km east of Antalya city centre along the coastal cliffs. It offers proximity to the beach and city along with more affordable prices than central areas. Many 5-star resorts and hotel complexes are located here, so it presents a prime opportunity for vacation rental investments. Condos and apartments in Lara can generate excellent yields.


For those looking for a more local, residential area, Konyaaltı offers modern housing, parks, shopping malls, and easy access to Antalya’s central business district. Families and professionals appreciate Konyaaltı’s high quality of life. Lower prices make it favourable for buying homes and condos to live in or rent out to long-term tenants. The area is seeing more development, bringing potential for future appreciation.


Belek is Antalya’s top luxury resort area, renowned for its championship golf courses, spas, and 5-star hotels. Branded hotel residences by chains like Regnum Carya and Sirene Belek offer a unique opportunity for investors. These properties allow buyers to purchase fully furnished hotel apartments and earn rental income when not in residence. Belek real estate also benefits from capital growth from the expanding tourism activity.


North of Antalya’s centre, Kepez offers more affordable housing for local families along with shopping malls, retail stores, parks and entertainment. For investors looking for discounted prices and potential upside, Kepez provides interesting opportunities in residential buildings and commercial retail space. The metro line also connects Kepez to the rest of Antalya.

While central Antalya and coastal resort towns are prime targets for investors, looking at emerging districts can also pay off handsomely in the coming years as the metro expands and more development takes place.


The Mediterranean coastal district of Altıntaş on Turkey’s glorious Turquoise Coast has experienced an unprecedented tidal wave of foreign real estate investment. Attracted by Antalya’s stunning beaches, desirable climate, and comparatively low property prices.

Spanning over 50 square miles, Altıntaş is one of Greater Antalya’s largest central districts. It contains the upscale resort suburbs of Liman and Konyaaltı, now lined with luxury hotels, beach clubs, and posh shopping plazas catering to foreigners. Other neighbourhoods include Uncalı, Varsak, and Guzeloba, Where might overseas investors get the best deals.

Types of Real Estate Worth Investing in Antalya

Antalya offers options when it comes to choosing a real estate asset class. Depending on your investment goals, here are some of the best types of properties to consider:


Apartments represent the most common investment choice in Antalya real estate. Investors can buy flats and condominiums either new from developers or resale from current owners. Apartment investments work well for earning rental income from tourists and long-term residents. The central districts of Lara, Konyaaltı and Kepez offer affordable apartments close to the city.


With tourism growing so rapidly, hotels present a more hands-off way to profit from rising visitor numbers. Investors can buy hotel rooms, suites, or even entire buildings leased back to hotel operators. Returns can be significant thanks to surging room rates and high occupancy levels. Investors should target 4 and 5-star hotels in prime resort areas like Belek and Lara.

Commercial Property

Retail stores, restaurants, office space and mixed-use complexes offer ways to capture returns from Antalya’s economic growth. Commercial real estate can generate rents from local businesses as well as appreciate improving property values. The city centre, Old Town, and areas near shopping malls have potential. Some hotel projects feature commercial elements like retail shops and cafes.


With Antalya’s rapid expansion, land represents a speculative investment opportunity. Investors can acquire plots on the outskirts of the city and hold them for development. As expansion occurs, the land becomes more valuable. Focus on areas in the path of progress where utilities and roads are being improved.

Vacation Rentals

Properties like condos, apartments and villas can be rented out to tourists via online platforms. Investors can maximize returns by furnishing and decorating properties to international standards. Working with a rental management company also helps ensure high occupancy. Lara, Kaleiçi and Belek are top areas for vacation rentals.

The ideal investment type depends on your strategy, with apartments and hotels providing more cash flow, while land and commercial property offer higher capital upside.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Property

While location is critical, you also need to look at multiple other factors when selecting an investment property in Antalya:

Price and Expected Returns

Analyze prices per square meter and projected rental yields and appreciation when underwriting deals. Compare potential returns in different districts to locate value. Developments with branding and luxury features can achieve higher rents.

Condition and Facilities

For existing resale apartments, check the overall condition and quality of finishes. Newer buildings have better facilities like pools and gyms. Hotels and resort properties should offer amenities travellers expect like restaurants, spas, beach access and sports.

Developer Reputation

If buying off-plan, research developers’ portfolios and track records of completing high-quality projects on schedule. Top firms like Prima, Signia and SAS are known for their expertise in Antalya’s real estate market.

Transportation Links

Easy access to main roads, public transit and the airport adds value and desirability. Areas integrated with Antalya’s tram and metro networks are likely to benefit moving forward. Proximity to attractions and shopping is also important.

Rental Demand

Review historical occupancy rates and current rental listings to gauge demand. Talk to local rental managers about which types of properties see high interest from tourists versus long-term tenants. Different areas have different rental profiles.

Analyzing these aspects carefully ensures your investment aligns with market conditions and supports your rental or resale strategy.

Recommended Projects for Real Estate Investors

With a grasp of Antalya’s prime areas and property types, let’s look at some specific recommended projects for investors to consider:


The complex will have its beach in the Lara area and will have a shuttle service to Antalya International Airport and shopping centres such as Antalya Shopping Center, Deepo Shopping Centre, Agora Shopping Centre and Ikea.

Hotel Concept Apartments

Enjoy luxury life in our residences, where you can reach optimum solutions with movable facade separators designed elegantly and naturally with which you can adjust the daylight by adjusting the facade position.

Increase the comfort of your living in our residences which are designed with flat layout plans for the needs of every family and have modern and timeless kitchen designs.

Premium class project

A new premium class project in Altıntaş, one of the most developing regions of Antalya.

The developing Altıntaş (Aksu) region occupies a leading position in the Antalya real estate sales market and actively attracts a large number of investors.

Altıntaş takes into account all the requirements of modern living conditions. The region has become a new investment platform where investors can amortize their investments in a short time.

This project, which has a 5-star hotel concept, consists of four 8-storey blocks and a total of 250 flats. It is located on a 17.250 m2 plot.

Luxury Project 

A new premium class project in Altıntaş, one of the most developing regions of Antalya. It actively attracts many investors.

It takes into account all the requirements of modern living conditions. The project consists of three blocks with six floors and 50 flats. It is located on a plot of 2.850 m2.

Renovation and Improvement Opportunities

Many real estate investors choose to purchase properties that need upgrades to add value. Some ways investors can renovate and improve real estate assets in Antalya include:

Hotel and Apartment Modernization

Updating old or dated hotel properties and apartments with new interiors – furniture, appliances, bathrooms, flooring, and amenities – allows owners to achieve higher room and rental rates. Some may also add additional rooms, pools, restaurants and other features.

Smart Home Technology

Installing automated home systems for lighting, climate, security, etc. cater to demand from upscale tourists and residents. Tech upgrades also help properties operate more efficiently.

Façade Improvements

Enhancing building exteriors by replacing windows, adding balconies, and modernizing entrances makes properties more attractive. Improvement projects can also add retail storefronts to increase commercial tenant demand.

Shared Amenities

Developers are adding more shared amenities like fitness centres, spas, gardens, pools, business centres and social spaces to projects to increase rental appeal, satisfaction and returns.

Sustainable Features

Eco-friendly upgrades like solar power, water conservation, EV charging stations, green spaces, recycling, etc. align with global sustainable travel trends – and enable owners to charge premium rents and sale prices.

Small renovations and improvements can be managed individually, while larger hotel upgrades may be coordinated with the property management company. Consult local architects and contractors experienced in Antalya real estate to identify enhancement opportunities.

Recommended Professionals for Real Estate Investors in Antalya

Navigating Antalya’s real estate market and regulations requires reputable professionals to guide you. Here are the key experts investors should connect with:

Real Estate Lawyers

Experienced lawyers help investors properly execute purchase contracts, establish LLC entities, understand relevant laws and resolve any disputes. They ensure your ownership rights are protected.

Property Managers

Professional property management companies like Antalya Development oversee the day-to-day operation of investment assets from marketing to maintenance to finance. They are essential for hotel, apartment and vacation rental investments.

Real Estate Agents

Knowledgeable Antalya agents will know all active listings, support you in identifying viable investments, negotiate transactions and contracts on your behalf, and offer trusted insight on neighbourhoods, developers and properties.

Mortgage Advisors

Local mortgage brokers help investors finance purchases through Turkish banks at competitive rates and terms. They assist with submitting loan applications and documentation.


Turkish accountants manage important tax filings and ensure compliance with current tax laws on property ownership, investment income, capital gains, etc.

Assembling a skilled team provides critical advantages as you build your Antalya real estate portfolio over the long term.

Tips for Managing Real Estate Investments in Antalya

Here are quick tips for effectively managing properties once you acquire real estate investments in Antalya:

  • Hire reputable property management companies or hotel brands to oversee day-to-day rental management operations.
  • Inspect properties periodically to check on the condition and identify any repairs or improvements needed.
  • Consult tax advisors regularly to stay current on Turkish tax laws and navigate filings.
  • Review rental performance data each month to monitor occupancy rates, revenue and trends.
  • Update interior design, amenities and technology every 3-5 years to maintain competitiveness.
  • Evaluate new investment opportunities bi-annually to build your portfolio over time.
  • Maintain reserves for maintenance, repairs and periodic upgrades to protect asset value.

With proper ongoing management, Antalya real estate investments offer solid long-term returns through both consistent cash flow and equity growth from appreciation.

Why Invest in Antalya Real Estate Now?

In conclusion, the outlook for real estate investment in Antalya, Turkey currently looks extremely positive. Here are the key factors driving demand and growth in the city’s property market:

  • Antalya’s population and tourism numbers continue reaching new highs each year, fuelling housing and hotel demand.
  • New mega-projects like EXPO City improve infrastructure and attract commercial real estate tenants.
  • Government incentives and easing of foreign ownership restrictions encourage more international buyers.
  • Antalya’s prices still lag comparable Mediterranean destinations, offering growth potential as the city continues gaining prominence.
  • Major local developers ensure a robust pipeline of exciting new projects across all asset classes in the coming years.
  • Buyer demand is rising substantially, while vacancy rates in most areas remain very low.

For investors who act prudently and partner with reputable local experts, Antalya real estate investments offer an enticing balance of income generation and equity upside in a beautiful Mediterranean setting. The promising fundamentals should persist over both the short-term and long-term.