Irrespective of the reason, when individuals consider moving to Türkiye, Istanbul often stands out as a prime choice. Renowned as one of the world’s greatest cities, Istanbul boasts a developed economy and limitless opportunities for both business and leisure. However, the coastal destinations of the country hold their own allure. Türkiye, being a peninsula, offers a coastline along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas adorned with unique natural and historical wonders. İzmir, Aydın, Muğla, Antalya, and now Mersin are among the modernized cities that are highly preferred by European expats, offering comfortable living conditions.

To paint a comprehensive picture, let’s ponder: Why do residents from numerous European countries opt for Türkiye as their new home? The reasons are diverse and compelling. In this article, we’ll focus on undeniable advantages that Türkiye has to offer? As well as providing information specific to the Mediterranean region.

From Farm to Table: Türkiye’s Culinary Landscape Beyond Compare 

Turkish cuisine stands out as one of the most delectable and healthiest in the world, thanks to locally grown vegetables and fruits cultivated without the use of chemicals. The abundant sunlight and the essence of the earth contribute to a unique taste, maximizing the nutritional value of the produce. All products are sold here at their freshest, offering an authentic taste of subtropical and tropical fruits like bananas, mangoes, avocados, and medlars—a flavor experience unparalleled elsewhere. In central and northern European countries, these products often lose their natural taste as they ripen in transit. Moreover, the cost of vegetables and fruits in Türkiye is several times lower than in Europe. However, for meat enthusiasts, it might be noteworthy that the price of meat in Türkiye matches that of London.

Healthcare Heaven: Türkiye’s World-Class Medical Services at a Fraction of the Cost

Türkiye attracts individuals from across the globe seeking diverse medical treatments and the number of tourists coming to Türkiye for medical treatment is increasing every year. According to TUIK and Ministry of Health statistics, 670,730 people came from abroad and received healthcare services in Turkey in 2021, while this number has reached to a great a total of 1,258,382 people in 2022. On the other hand, in the statement made by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), more than 1.8 million health tourists are expected to receive service in Turkey this year.

Not only does Türkiye provide high-level professional medical services, but it also offers prices that are 2-3 times more affordable compared to European countries. Comprehensive whole-body check-ups, for instance, can be completed here for only $500, compared to the starting price of €1,500 in Germany or the UK. Additionally, for those planning an extended stay in Türkiye, obtaining a Turkish residence permit opens the door to free access to public healthcare services.

Securing Serenity: Türkiye’s Crime Reduction and Technological Vigilance 

Security is a paramount consideration in Türkiye, where the streets of cities proudly showcase open storefronts and cafés extend their ambiance onto sidewalks, leaving furniture and dishes outdoors. This culture of openness reflects not only a sense of safety but also a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Contributing to the secure environment is the notable decrease in crime rates, a trend facilitated by the Turkish government’s implementation of advanced technological security systems. This commitment to safety has made Türkiye an inviting destination where residents and visitors alike can enjoy public spaces with confidence. The fusion of security and cultural openness is a defining feature that sets Türkiye apart as a welcoming and secure haven.

Healthy Generations: Türkiye’s Unique Social Fabric Unveiled

An interesting perspective to consider is Türkiye’s religious culture. Despite embracing a modern lifestyle in Türkiye, the influence of Islam, which prohibits the consumption of alcohol, shapes the social fabric in a good way. This unique aspect contributes to a notable level of security, as locals avoid public drunkenness, fostering a safe environment. Streets remain calm, and the absence of drunk groups enhances the overall sense of security.This cultural norm also reflects in the health and well-being of children, contributing to a lower frequency of alcohol-related issues among the younger population.

However, Turkey is a country that can balance cultural values and individual preferences very well. Please note that while alcohol can be easily ordered in restaurants at any time of the day, the sale of alcohol in supermarkets is prohibited after 22:00.

Welcoming Diversity: Türkiye’s Inclusive Cultural Landscape 

In Türkiye, a Muslim country that embraces all religions, the rich cultural mix is a testament to its historical significance. With a history spanning over a thousand years on the peninsula, Turks take pride in their homeland, showing warm hospitality to people from every nationality and culture.

This welcoming attitude is evident in everyday life, where living together peacefully is a common sight. It’s common to see a Muslim woman in a hijab and a European girl in a short skirt and tattoos walking together, highlighting the country’s inclusive spirit. This scene represents Türkiye’s dedication to promoting togetherness despite differences, making it a friendly place where people from different cultures can be friends, going beyond religious and cultural gaps.

Family Values in Türkiye: A Culture of Respect for Children and Elders

In Türkiye, being kind to kids and the elderly is a big deal. They’re seen as super important in our society, almost like sacred members. It is rare to witness an adult raising their voice at a child, highlighting the deep respect for the younger generation. Kids are treasured in Turkish families. Every weekend, you’ll find parks packed with big families, young and old, having a good time together.

Moreover, in Türkiye, a special touch to ensure our elders enjoy a respectful and dignified old age comes in the form of pension insurance. This valuable support system is designed to provide our senior community with the financial security and comfort they deserve as they age, fostering a sense of honor and dignity in their later years.



Sunshine Bliss: Discover the Southern Turkish Retreat 

In the southern regions of Türkiye, the sun graces us with its presence for almost 300 days a year, offering an abundance of sunshine and virtually no bad weather during the summer. From early spring to late autumn, you can always count on the weather being either fantastic or experiencing a refreshing rain. This extended period provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and enjoying the vibrant life around you. Winters here are mild, bringing rain and a welcome break from extreme cold. The sea, a source of invigorating energy, boasts air with a potent healing effect, making a dip in the ocean the ideal recipe for a healthy body!

People from all corners of the globe flock to Türkiye’s coastlines and rivieras for a week or two, immersing themselves in nature to rejuvenate their body, mind, and soul. The southern Turkish cities are dedicated to enhancing the daily lives of their residents, offering a myriad of activities. Beneath the vast blue sky of the Mediterranean, you can jog, skate, play ball games, and watch your kids thrive in the expansive playgrounds lining the shores.

Short Winters, Smart Solutions: Why central heating in Türkiye is an unnecessary luxury 

In Türkiye, central heating systems aren’t very common. You might wonder how residents manage, especially those from colder northern countries. Well, on the Mediterranean coast of Türkiye, people primarily use four-season air conditioning or underfloor heating, whether it’s water or electric. The truly chilly weather, hitting around +15°C during the day and +5°C at night, lasts for about a month in winter. Since these conditions are short-lived, urban heating systems aren’t typically installed.

Instead, most residential buildings and complexes in this region opt for autonomous gas systems, ensuring individual heating solutions. This practical approach aligns with the climate, providing residents with the flexibility to efficiently manage heating needs during the brief winter period. The emphasis on personalized heating systems reflects the adaptability of Turkish households, catering to the unique weather patterns experienced in different parts of the country.

Ideal Infrastructure: Why life in Türkiye is always comfort and safety 

When considering the advantages of a residential area for a fulfilling lifestyle, a comprehensive review must include the transportation and social infrastructure of the locale. In Türkiye, the road infrastructure consistently captivates tourists, even extending to newly established micro-districts that boast very good transportation networks. Notably, all gasoline and automobile taxes are assigned for their intended purpose: the construction of top-notch roads, bridges, and tunnels.

Public transportation in Türkiye is not only cost-effective but also of superior quality. Trams, in particular, stand out as one of the best forms of urban transport. These modern vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and WiFi, always on the dedicated lines to avoid traffic jams. Surprisingly, a tram ticket in Türkiye costs four times less than in London, without compromising on comfort. When seeking a swift commute during rush hours, opting for a tram, regardless of the city, is a reliable choice.

The detailed planning extends beyond transportation to include essential amenities. Chain stores, clinics, and schools are carefully distributed based on the specific needs of each area, coordinating with the resident population. The commitment to quality extends to all aspects of urban infrastructure, ensuring that residents enjoy the highest standards of living.

Türkiye, a country known for its constant natural beauty, warmth, safety, and comfort, invites individuals seeking an idyllic lifestyle. Remarkably affordable apartments along the picturesque shores, such as those in Mersin, are turning heads with their stunning sea views and budget-friendly options. In Türkiye, you can secure not only the best living conditions but also a diverse range of real estate choices that accommodate any budget. As you contemplate your next move, Türkiye stands as an inviting destination promising a life of tranquility and fulfillment.